Amy DePaola
Amy DePaola
Director * Producer * Actress
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a revolution to create highly shareable & deeply impactful content.


 I am a film and video producer and director.

We'll take risks, develop your project from start to finish as we instill the integrity & authenticity that your films have been missing all along. With a creative, dynamic, and efficient approach, we’ll create highly shareable content to make your voice heard.


Amy's work has been distributed by Netflix, Amazon, REVRY, and more.





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Without this your project is doomed, seriously. I will work with you to clarify your Why, so that we can make the best film possible.


Once we have a strategy, I will quickly put our project in motion. I build teams specifically, intricately, and efficiently.


Our seamless development phase leads to a cohesive shoot. I cultivate a respectful set by communicating the vision and handling issues with low-stress. I've seen it all - there's not much that can phase me.


After shooting, we will reassess and rewrite our content to tell the best story on screen.

We will plan our distribution and exhibition to expertly deliver our film online or in-person.  


Amy has worked for large brands and small to create highly shareable content.


Projects with Amazon, Jeep, Progressive, Showtime, Vega, ZoomTilt, Tasty Burger & more.  

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