As a child, I grew up circulating audition rooms in New York, playing with my TyCo video cam and watching what some may consider an unhealthy amount of television and films with my father.

Film reflected my earlier life experiences, symbolized rites of passage, and inspired me to get outside my small town of Pequannock, New Jersey to pursue my passions. I continued my study of performance most significantly at The New York Film Academy and The Moscow Art Theatre.

My producing career started in 2008 with WET Productions, a New York City non profit that produced female generated content for the stage and screen. It was there, that I saw the incredible impact that telling stories has to create empathy, understanding, and human connection. Inspired by WET’s mission, I soon found the courage to pursue projects on my own. Working independently, I have produced and directed projects for the likes of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Netflix, Amazon and Facebook while directing my own films and curating content for my production company, Pink Among Men.

My short film memoir AMYDEE, is a meditation on reclaiming one’s own power and follows the autobiographical story of my discovery of the sport of boxing following an attack I suffered. I fought in my first amateur boxing match during the production, which melds verite and narrative filmmaking to capture the four month training camp leading up to the match. The film has screened at over a dozen festivals around the country.

From 2015 to 2017, while attending graduate school where I received my M.F.A. in Media Art and Film, I served as professor at Emerson College empowering my students through classes in the business of film, producing and production management.

Currently, I am pursuing stories with character driven narratives in fiction and non-fiction films with a strong sense of the why.

Based out of New York City, I work with productions, creators, brands and companies to bring to light their perspectives and uniqueness. I believe that all of us have something valuable to say and it is my privilege to support others.