amydee, Narrative

Writer/Director: Amy DePaola

Production Company: Pink Among Men, Charlestown A/V

Produced by: Amy DePaola, Christopher “Crickie” Thomas, Katie Shannon

Director of Photography: Christopher “Crickie” Thomas

Festivals of Note: 2017 Provincetown Film Festival, 2017 Woods Hole Film Festival, 2017 Film Invasion LA Grand Jury Prize, 2018 IndieWorks Silver Whisker Award, 2018 Runner-Up Roxy Underground Film Festival.

Synopsis: Since surviving a physical assault on the steps of her apartment, Amy (30) has been keeping a low profile while visiting a local boxing gym. When a young woman turns up dead in her neighborhood, Amy is forced to face her fears again, revealing that her real fight is far from over.

Inspired by true events and melding narrative with cinema verite, AMYDEE, is writer-director-actor, Amy DePaola’s mediation on reclaiming one’s power in an uncontrollable modern world.